Our Mission.

How does it work:

We offer 3 different packages.

Depending on your goals, size of the company and availabilities, we have created 3 customizable packages.

BoxBiz provides full equiped Boxes sent directly to your workplace.


  • Boxing equipment (Boxing gloves, hand wraps, pads,etc.)
  • Music System with our exclusive BoxBiz playlist.

There is not a minimum group size for BoxBiz workshops.

Minimum: 2 attendees

Maximum: 16 people

Room size: Meeting or event room, from 8 sq.metre.

Duration: Customizable from 45min, up to 75min.

The boxing workout is adapted to beginners levels of fitness.

Taught by qualified professional coaches and mentors, the sessions can be booked at anytime to fit in with workplace schedules:

  • Early start times, from 6.30am.
  • Lunch-time
  • Evening time up to 9pm.

Simply contact us to arrange the most suitable time for your class.